Scientific Irrigation Scheduling Software

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Probe Schedule® is powerful, scientific, irrigation scheduling (SIS) software with users world wide.    It accurately tracks soil moisture status and calculates irrigation schedules by incorporating real-time weather data, weather forecasts, spray condition forecasts, true  soil  classification, crop specific information, soil moisture probes, flow meter data and other irrigation data.  Integration with OHU's IPPC disease modelling brings site specific disease forecasts to the grower.


Powerful  graphs  help to visualize and interpret your data and display it on your PC, tablet or smart phone via our free mobile app.

Variable Speed Irrigation
(VSI) prescriptions can be created from soil maps, and uploaded directly to the pivot control system.

Automated valve control  is done by utilizing soil moisture data to create intelligent irrigation schedules.  

Alarms can be set on sensor values, such as temperature, flow, soil moisture, battery and signal strength, etc.

generated by Probe Schedule® software are accepted by GlobalGAP, NRCS and BPA.  These reports are also acceptable for incentive payouts, where applicable.


Probe Schedule® has users in the following locations (alphabetic order):  Australia, Belgium, Chille, France, Ghana,  Italy, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands,  New Zealand, Portugal,  Russian Federation, South Africa, Spain, Tanzania, United Kingdom, USA, Zimbabwe.  It is available in English, Afrikaans and French, with a translation in Spanish and Portuguese  coming soon.


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